Sitemap - 2011 - PulmCCM

COPD surprise: In majority, FEV1 declines no faster than healthy people's (NEJM)

Pirfenidone for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (CAPACITY trials, Lancet)

Linezolid not better than vanco against MRSA pneumonia in 3rd meta-analysis (CHEST)

First report of transiently reversible brain death after induced hypothermia (Crit Care Med)

National Lung Cancer Screening Trial results (RCT, NEJM)

For empyema, tPA plus DNAse in the pleural space improved outcomes (RCT, NEJM)

Targeted temperature management in critical care: Recs from 5 professional societies. (Review, Crit Care Med)

Overdiagnosis of PEs on CT-angiograms seems likely (Ann Intern Med)

People with asthma perceive snake oil to work as well as albuterol (RCT, NEJM)

Cochrane review on roflumilast and cilomilast

Current Approach to the Diagnosis of Acute Nonmassive Pulmonary Embolism (Review)

Sildenafil worked in pulmonary hypertension due to CHF with preserved EF (RCT)

CT scans! Get your lung cancer-curing CT scans here -- only $99.95!

Get more sleep -- it'll improve your jump shot (Sleep)

Chantix and cardiovascular risk: meta-analysis

Diagnosis and Management of Stable COPD: A Review

Kids who sleep less get fatter? (FLAME study)

Meds often stopped after ICU stays: deaths result?

For most with OHS, ventilatory drive was oxygen-sensitive

Novel therapies for septic shock over the past 4 decades.

Surprise: Bronchoconstriction (not just inflammation) causes airway remodeling in asthma

Citing COI, IOM issues guidelines for new guidelines

ICU telemedicine shows improvements in survival, other quality outcomes (finally)

Do oral beta-blockers really exacerbate asthma?

Hypothermia looks unhelpful for out-of-hospital PEA/asystole

Ventilator-associated tracheobronchitis, or VAP?

It's official -- Someone's being too negative

Empiric antibiotics for HCAP/VAP were appropriate - yet deadly?

Cage Match! Tiotropium vs. Salmeterol in time-to-COPD exacerbation (POET-COPD)

Five-year outcomes after ARDS

Optimal duration of anticoagulation after VTE (Review)

Dalteparin vs. unfractionated heparin for ICU DVT prophylaxis (PROTECT Trial)

More lungs, please! Ex-vivo lung perfusion might convert bad donor lungs to good

Management of VTE Badness (Review)

More are surviving severe sepsis ... to go to LTACs

Catheter-based reperfusion in pulmonary embolism (Review)

Trouble sleeping? Don't read this, it'll only make it worse

Sildenafil appears safe, effective for long-term PAH treatment (SUPER-2)

Employers charging smokers more for medical care insurance (NYT)

Tension pneumothorax or tension bulla? (Image)

Nutrition + weights + testosterone improved function in chronic respiratory failure (RCT)

Bad livin' is protective, sort of ... mortality from 1st MI inversely related to risk factors

High-concentration oxygen caused hypoventilation in asthma exacerbation pts (RCT)

Most with ALS getting tracheotomy live longer than 1 year

Ivacaftor, a CFTR potentiator, improved lung function in certain cystic fibrosis patients (RCT)

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension registry reveals new insights (Circulation)

Intracranial hemorrhage: A Review

Even extreme obesity doesn't reduce survival in critical illness

Bronchoscopy meds: a handy how-to guide

The reaper rarely phones ahead: Mortality prediction tools good, not great (Review)

Survival after in-ICU PEA/asystole cardiac arrest unchanged at 20 yrs

Lung cancer screening with chest CT: Pro/Con

Organ failure in the ICU

Risk of complications after transthoracic needle biopsy: population analysis

N-acetylcysteine alone doesn't prevent contrast nephropathy after angiography

Indacaterol vs. tiotropium for once-daily COPD Rx

ECMO rising? Looks like it saved lives in H1N1 pandemic

In TB + HIV, starting antiretrovirals earlier saved lives (CAMELIA)

Triple inhaler therapy for COPD?

Reduced poverty = reduced obesity and diabetes (RCT)

Clinical decision rules for PE coagulate into meta-mishmash

"82 ... 82 ... 82 ..." COPD's airflow limitation caused by loss of airways, not emphysema, say counters

Chest CT and non-PFT clinical data can detect undiagnosed COPD. But should they?

Outcomes after pulmonary metastasectomy: not too shabby

Adaptive support ventilation weaned COPD patients faster than pressure support

Talc pleurodesis safe for primary spontaneous pneumothorax, authors say

Bronchoalveolar lavage's role in diagnosis, management of interstitial lung disease (Review)

Reversing the new anticoagulation drugs: Prothrombin complex could work for rivaroxaban, not dabigatran

Feds at HHS release final regulations for ACOs

Asthma update: What we know we don't know (is a lot) (Review)

Pro/Con debate on mild hypothermia after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Too old for lung resection for NSCLC? In France, the answer is "Non!"

Death panelists unite! Advance directives restrain high-billing MDs

Coronary artery disease makes COPD symptoms worse

Smoking Cessation Review

Think NIPPV overnight is useless for stable hypercapneic COPD? TURN IT UP, MAN!

Diagnosis of pneumothorax: Ultrasound beats chest X-ray

Asthma and genes: Polymorphism discovered that may cause steroid resistance

Septic shock: Beta-lactam levels unpredictable, need close monitoring (Review)

Severe refractory asthma: International consensus statement released

EBUS good at diagnosing TB in thoracic lymph nodes

Moviegoing U.K. teens smoke more

The price of manners: $42 million

Is your stage III NSCLC patient truly "downstaged" to N0? EUS helpful only if positive

I learned it from watching YOU, Mum!! U.K. kids smoke more when parents, siblings do

PET-CT's diagnostic accuracy plummets in region endemic for granulomatous disease (southeast U.S.)

Probiotics may prevent colds, says review

Contrast nephropathy prevented by RenalGuard's extra saline and furosemide

NSCLC: Use of biomarkers in prognosis, treatment

Montelukast improved peak flow during acute asthma exacerbations

Sarcoidosis; Interstitial lung disease; Pulmonary embolism

FACTT post-hoc: Transfusion might cure, kill or both during shock & acute lung injury...who knows?

Lifetime risk of COPD is 28% in cohort study of 13M people

New H3N2 swine flu emerges, in isolated cases only (MMWR)

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Tyrosine kinase inhibitor BIBF 1120 appeared helpful

EBUS FNA very good at finding lymph node mets from extrathoracic malignancy

COPD: Exhale airway stents didn't help (bronchoscopic lung-volume reduction EASE trial)

Pertussis vaccine wanes even faster than thought?

Effects of asthma treatment on airway remodeling

Survey says: Residents are sad, especially when they're broke

Millions of adults quit smoking since 2005 (MMWR)

Pulmonary rehab results in skeletal muscle remodeling in mild as well as severe COPD

Reversed Halo Sign (Image)

Impedance threshold device during CPR didn't improve outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

In out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, interrupting CPR after 30 sec, 1 or 3 minutes before checking rhythm made no difference

To grade severity of mixed restrictive/obstructive disease, just divide FEV1% by TLC%, authors propose

Lebrikizumab, an IL-13 inhibitor for asthma, improved lung function but not clinical outcomes

Toxicology in the ICU Part 1: General Overview and Approach to Treatment

People with COPD at higher risk for bad outcomes 1 year after stenting for CAD

"Changing the Course of COPD": Proceedings of the ATS (Special Issue, Review)

Sarcoidosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Pulmonary Vascular Disease (Special Issue, Review)

Circulating fibrocytes: potential biomarker for BOS after lung transplant?

Parapneumonic effusions, empyema doubled in U.S. over past decade

In cystic fibrosis, more exacerbations worsen outcomes in adults (just like kids)

Annual Review of Advances in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Research: A Report for the Year 2010 (Review)

Autofluorescence vs white light bronchoscopy to diagnose lung cancer (meta-analysis, review)

Antimicrobial Stewardship for the Community Hospital: Practical Tools & Techniques for Implementation. (Special Issue, Review)

Number of positive lymph nodes predicts survival in N1 non-small cell lung cancer

Tiotropium improved FEV1, but not symptoms, in severe asthma (RCT)

Subglottic drainage of secretions reduces VAP (Meta-analysis; Review)

How to reduce asthma exacerbations (Asthma Review)

Obesity associated with increased risk of severe seasonal influenza (not just H1N1)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: An Emerging Risk Factor for Atherosclerosis (Review)

Oxygen sensing, homeostasis, and disease (Review)

It's the drugs, not the bugs, that determine survival in sepsis (but you already knew that)

Respiratory Viral Infections (Special Issue, Review)

Sleep-disordered breathing predicted future cognitive dysfunction in older women

A little longitudinal data on the enigmatic "complex sleep apnea"

Prior broad spectrum antibiotics associated with deadlier Gram-negative sepsis

Cystic fibrosis patients' nebulizer adherence under 40%

Accountability for Medical Error: Moving Beyond Blame to Advocacy (Review)

Pirfenidone's long trudge to FDA approval: InterMune launches new trial (ASCEND-3)

How many people with DVT / PE already have HIT antibodies at presentation? (And should we care?)

Inoculating pleural fluid into blood culture bottles improved yield in empyema

COPD is all in the family (or maybe just partly)

Atelectasis causes post-op fever? Doubtful.

Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome: The Final Frontier for Lung Transplantation (Review)

Fundoplication for reflux associated with reduced allograft dysfunction

PET-CT's high rate of false-positive mediastinal nodes wrongly excludes patients from curative surgery for NSCLC

In COPD, there are the quick -- and the dead

Emergencies (initial management); postoperative problems (Special Issue, Review)

Nesiritide for decompensated CHF goes under the bus

Pharma to launch 5 large trials on LABA safety for asthma

Bupropion fails to improve smoking cessation post-heart attack

Self-tapering of oral steroids in severe asthma

Inactivity linked to pulmonary embolism risk

Sickle cell patients need right heart cath, not echo, to diagnose pulmonary hypertension (like everyone else)

Don't exempt the mentally ill from smoking cessation efforts

People with OSA have greater impairment in endothelial function after MI

Health care 3.0 by Barry Coller

Heroes come home from Iraq, Afghanistan with constrictive bronchiolitis

After COPD exacerbation, living in the woods was a risk factor for death

Cleaner air coming soon?

Give health delivery research some respect, yo

EBUS was good at differentiating new lung cancer from recurrence

1 in 5 idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension patients have >2 year delay in diagnosis

Hypertonic saline for stroke with cerebral edema

Pleural effusions more common in PAH than believed?

Nasal and full-face CPAP masks generally equivalent for OSA treatment

UK investigators call entire concept of HCAP "controversial"

Tranexamic acid for intracranial hemorrhage (CRASH-2 trial)

The Research Agenda in ICU Telemedicine: A Statement From the Critical Care Societies Collaborative. (Review)

Rapid response teams. (Review)

Long-term Course and Prognosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in the New Millennium

A noninvasive test of respiratory work in COPD exacerbations that might be helpful

Exhaled hydrogen peroxide a potential biomarker for asthma?

Hyperbaric oxygen in the critically ill.

No excess risk of severe pneumonia with inhaled steroids for COPD (case/cohort study)

Glycemic Control in the ICU. Review

Single-center trials usually exaggerate effects: meta-analysis, review

Indacaterol's benefit keeps going at least through year 1

Ultrasound reduced complications of subclavian central line placement

Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells and Respiratory Disease. (Review)

Diseases of the pleura, and neoplasms of the lung (Special issue, review)

Omega-3 fish oils in acute lung injury had no effect (RCT)

Outpatient treatment for pulmonary embolism

Airway remodeling and its relationship to inflammation in cystic fibrosis. (Review)

Update on tuberculosis: TB in the early 21st century. (Review)

Improving survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Delaying total parenteral nutrition improved outcomes (RCT)

Patients unimpressed by flexible pressure CPAP

Wedge resection looked OK for subcentimeter NSCLC, retrospectively

Poverty did not influence mortality after ICU stays

Pro/Con debate: Measuring sputum eosinophils in severe asthma

Nicardipine beat labetalol in hypertensive emergency

Wrist actigraphy (Review)

Wait, 24/7 intensivist coverage is cheaper?

NYC runs smokers out of public parks, beaches

Potential metabolic consequences of statins in sepsis. (Review)

Iron deficiency common in IPAH

Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis. (Review)

Newports 1, U.S. public health 0

Mediastinal lymphadenopathy common in severe CHF?

Outcomes after ARDS

Smokers with abnormal screening CTs keep smoking

Predictors of mortality in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Follow-up and nonpharmacological management of the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patient. (Review)

Progressive massive fibrosis in coal miners on the rise

Longitudinal studies of HIV-associated lung infections and complications in the era of antiretroviral therapy. (Special Issue, Review)

Pulmonary rehabilitation, realities in clinical practice. (Review)

Tuberous sclerosis with LAM can present in adults

Recurrence risk after venous thromboembolism

Many UK immigrants have undetected latent TB; IGRA could help

Clinical decision rules for PE prospectively validated ... or were they? (Promethus study)

Survival of trauma patients after massive red blood cell transfusion using a high or low red blood cell to plasma transfusion ratio. (Review)

When after TB exposure does an interferon-gamma release assay become positive?

No negatives observed from non-MDs in MICU

V/Q, ultrasound in lieu of CT-angiography for diagnosis of PE

Defining COPD exacerbations by questionnaire

Lung vasculitis and alveolar hemorrhage. (Special Issue, Review)

Sirolimus improved chylous pleural effusions, lung function in LAM

Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your radiation

VAP prevention through GI/respiratory decontamination (meta-analysis)

Tiotropium mist (Respimat) increases mortality risk, authors say

Toward a better diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. (Review)

Low vitamin D common in asthmatic children

Toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. (Review)

Texting helped smokers quit (txt2stop trial)

Cardiopulmonary arrest and cardiopulmonary monitoring. (Special Issue, Review)

Infectious complications typical after cardiac arrest

Dexamethasone for community-acquired pneumonia?

Etanercept ineffective for moderate-to-severe asthma

Patients on continuous renal replacement may need higher beta-lactam doses

Lung transplantation. (Special Issue, Review)

Minimal physical therapy didn't improve outcomes post-ICU

Update in sleep medicine 2010. (Review)

Managing cystic fibrosis: strategies that increase life expectancy and improve quality of life. (Review)

Gabapentin enacarbil for restless legs syndrome (PIVOT RLS II trial)

Do rapid response teams help?

Parasitic infections of the lung: a guide for the respiratory physician. (Review)

Nebulized hypertonic saline reduced inflammation in CF bronchi

What the pulmonary specialist should know about the new inhalation therapies. (Review)

A brief historical and theoretical perspective on patient autonomy and medical decision making: Part II: the autonomy model. (Review)

Weight loss effectively treated OSA in men

Augmentation common during treatment for restless legs syndrome

Trophic vs full-calorie enteric feedings for ventilated patients (RCT)

Adaptive ventilation improved complex sleep apnea in CHF patients

This is your brain on sleep apnea

Ultrasound vs. chest X-ray for dyspnea in the ER

The new perpetual squeeze on physician reimbursements

Those pesky poor people: Are they fueling the fires of burnout?

And you thought Starbucks was expensive ...

Phase III trials for aclidinium, a "me-too" antimuscarinic, in COPD (ACCLAIM I & II)

Leukotriene antagonists as good as inhalers for asthma? (RCT)

Thiazolidinediones probably increase risk for pneumonia, minimally

Data sketchy on prolonged antibiotics for bronchiectasis

Does incentive spirometry actually work?

Home testing & CPAP titration was fine for most vets with OSA

Acute lung injury & critical care update for 2010 (Review)

Docs don't discuss end-of-life care preferences with patients in clinic

Proning plus recruitment improved oxygenation in ARDS

Antibiotic dosing in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (Review)

Rapid tests for aspergillus in BAL

Mechanical ventilation safe for pigs, and people?

CPET identified those with lung ca at high perioperative risk

The utility of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in difficult asthma

Degree of overventilation during exercise predicts bad outcomes in heart failure (Review)

Extent of lymph node dissection during lung ca resections

Beta-blockers associated with improved survival in COPD

Diagnostic value of halo and reversed-halo signs in immune-compromised hosts. (Review)

Six-minute walk test is useful in the sickest IPF patients

Diffuse parenchymal lung disease, Update for 2010 (Review)

U.S. antibiotic-fed meat crawling with resistant S. aureus

Anticholinergic inhalers associated with slightly increased risk for acute urinary retention

Grow your own new lungs -- just add some (newly discovered) stem cells!

End-stage liver disease, critical care management of (Review)

Culture may miss most PCR-confirmed, often-resistant Aspergillus

Potential new biomarker for COPD?

CPAP for OSA after stroke improved neuro outcome, reduced cardiovascular risk

Lung cancer diagnosis and treatment: summary of updated NICE guidance. (Review)

Another new TB test ("MODS") superior to smear microscopy

GOLD spirometry criteria overdiagnosed COPD

Lung cancer in COPD: enhancing surgical options and outcomes (Review)

Oral / gastric antibiotic decontamination reduced bacteremias in ICU

Nocturnal monitoring of home non-invasive ventilation (Review)

ECHO was inaccurate for pulmonary artery pressure, compared to right heart cath

Non-CPAP therapies in obstructive sleep apnea (Review)

Cystic fibrosis patients could inhale dornase alpha anytime, evidence says

What's the best long-term anticoagulation Rx after a stent for people needing warfarin?

Pseudomonas pneumonia part II, antibiotic therapy, resistance, pharmacodynamics (part 2 of 2 Review)

Comprehensive intervention improved "safety climate" in ICUs

Osteopontin a possible biomarker for IPAH?

Sleep medicine training across the spectrum (Review)

Nonwhite patients got more aggressive ICU care at end of life

Brain trust launches new CCM research database MIMIC II

Corticosteroids for ARDS from H1N1 influenza

Year in Review 2010 in pulmonary & critical care (Review)

COPD in never-smokers: BOLD unravels some of the mystery

Natural history of nonspecific pulmonary function tests

Radiographic emphysema correlated with low bone mineral density

Pramipexole for restless legs syndrome

Pro/con editorial on comparative-effectiveness research

Diesel fumes implicated as likely cause of lung cancer

Acute lung injury not improved by recombinant surfactant protein C product

Upper limit of normal for pulmonary artery pressure = 40 for endurance athletes?

Fixed-dose drug combination non-inferior to loose pills for tuberculosis

Biggest losers shed 22 pounds in Qnexa weight loss drug trial

Among Spain's healthy elderly 12 months post-ICU, the half that survived lived well

Acute liver failure (Review)

Antimicrobial "locking" of dialysis catheters prevented bloodstream infections

Transfusing freshest RBC associated with better ICU survival

Survivor after critical illness shares her story

Acute-on-chronic liver failure, concept, natural history, prognosis (Review)

Preloading with Chantix improved smoking cessation rates

Fresh frozen plasma transfusion practices: anarchy in the UK

Code status & patient expectations -- reality disconnect

Cryptogenic and secondary organizing pneumonia (Review)

Educational intervention improved asthma control in adolescents

Sleep disordered breathing plus daytime somnolence associated with early death in elderly

Vitamin D deficiency associated with mortality in critically ill

Dabigatran, a new oral thrombin inhibitor (Review)

ICU decedents' families depressed, traumatized

Delirium in the ICU, management of (Review)

Heads of beds in ICU? Use your own head, guideline critiquers say

Interferon-gamma release assays in the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection (Review)

New MTB/RIF test looks good for TB diagnosis

Intracerebral hemorrhage, acute management of (Review)

VAs nationwide report success of an MRSA bundle

MRSA & VRE in the ICU: Heightened surveillance and barrier precautions didn't reduce transmission (STAR*ICU trial)

Early vs. late percutaneous tracheotomy after cardiac surgery

Creepy ... MRSA's "MIC creep" to vancomycin portends worse outcomes

Latent tuberculosis infection in the U.S. (Review)

Predicing vancomycin failure in MRSA bacteremia

Molecular diagnosis of respiratory tract infection in COPD exacerbations (Review)

The slow death of empathy, or how we all became such jerks

Computer model says vanco near useless, toxic for MRSA with MIC > 1.9

Mucormycosis: clinical presentations and management (Review)

Outcomes after tunneled pleural catheters for malignant effusions

Post cardiac arrest syndrome: Review of therapies

Pressors and inotropes in circulatory shock (Review)

Percent positive of sampled lymph nodes predicts prognosis in N1 NSCLC

Probiotics and lung diseases (Review)

Finding PET-CT's place in mediastinal staging of NSCLC

Pseudomonas pneumonia: Epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, source (Part 1 of 2 part review)

Combining PET and volume-doubling time could improve lung nodule management

Sleep medicine, a 3,000-year history (Review)

Does CT-guided needle biopsy seed the pleura with cancer?

Status epilepticus, refractory, treatment of (Review)

Subarachnoid hemorrhage, critical care of (Review)

Elevated mesenchymal cells in BAL predicts post-lung transplant BOS

Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathy, natural history of (Review)

During lung transplant for IPF, high pulmonary artery pressure predicted graft failure

Venous thromboembolism, long term management of (Review)

Most Taiwanese chronic critically ill live ~2-6 months on the vent

Viral community-acquired pneumonia (Review)

How to lose friends and humiliate people

Serious Infections in Intensive Care Units: 100+ pages, 12 articles reflecting the state of the art on managing infections and antibotic usage in the ICU (Special Issue)

CPAP adherence after home sleep testing was equal to in-lab PSG

Workshop on molecular diagnostics for respiratory tract infections (Special Issue)

Combating antimicrobial resistance; Policy recommendations to save lives (Special Issue)

Candida urinary tract infections (Review)

Sleep deprivation raised BP and orthostatic tendency in elderly

The new iUnit, by Apple?

Obstructive sleep apnea didn't depress cognitive function

Where the wild things are...

Transtracheal oxygen therapy (Review)

Long-term oxygen therapy (Review)

Long-term complications of critical care (Review)

Why academic care isn't the best care

Quitting smoking heralds lung cancer?

TBNA usually types NSCLC correctly

Fine-toothed comb blames inhaled steroids for TB

Blood test for invasive fungal infections

Activated protein C for severe sepsis: review

Hyperoxia after cardiac arrest maybe not so bad

Hypertonic saline vs. mannitol for elevated ICP, meta-analysis

Chest tubes for transudative effusions in vented patients? Show us the data!

Weaning protocols for mechanical ventilation: review

Oral contraceptives with drospirenone increase risk of nonfatal DVT/PE (BMJ)

No racial disparities seen in Cali ICUs

Autonomy and beneficence, a historical perspective (Review)

Xolair for inner-city kids with asthma (ICATA Trial)

Was it you?

Critical care for patients with stroke (Review)

Budesonide didn't cause pneumonia in asthmatics

DVT of the upper extremity (Review)

Among Spain's healthy elderly 12 months post-ICU, the half that survived lived well

Hydrocortisone in multiple trauma (HYPOLYTE trial)

The effect of light on critical illness (Review)

Corticosteroids in community-acquired pneumonia

New treatments against gram-negative organisms. (Review)

Inhaled denufusol for early CF

Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. (Review)

Apixaban better than aspirin for atrial fib

Normal sleep in African-Americans and Caucasians (Review)

Chronic rhinosinusitis: oral steroid "priming" helped

Occupational asthma - Assessment, treatment, compensation (Review)

Diuretics in acute decompensated CHF

Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Concise Clinical Review.

Treating NSCLC with tyrosine kinase / EGFR inhibitors erlotinib & gefitinib (Review)

Pregnancy and respiratory disease (Special Issue)

The upper airways and nasal passages (Special Issue)

Inspiratory muscle training liberated the hard-to-wean

The pleura and pleural diseases (Special Issue)

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in people with heart and lung disease (Review)

Chantix worked in people with mild to moderate COPD

Point-of-care ultrasonography (Review)

Clinical Course & Prediction of Survival in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (Review)

Is polysomnography unnecessary for diagnosis of OSA?

Sleep apnea in CHF may be dangerously underdiagnosed

Medicare wants health system change; puts $3.5B of GME's funds at risk

How industry stole the clinical trials game

Has the biomedical research-industrial complex lost its way?

Long-term survival after carcinoid resection is excellent

New non-small cell lung cancer classification system

Acute exacerbations of IPF portend grim outcome

Pulmonary artery pressure measurement by echocardiography

Exercise associated with better asthma control

Once-daily indacaterol as effective as salmeterol bid for COPD

Sirolimus was helpful for LAM, but with toxicity (RCT)

Pulmonary Complications of Lung Transplantation (Review)

Beclomethasone as rescue-therapy-only for childhood asthma

ARDS with multi-organ failure ... and more (Reviews)

Ciclesonide tests its "me too" claim vs Advair for asthma

Lung Transplant Patients with RSV: Inhaled RNA Prevents BO?

On-site path improves transbronchial needle aspiration?

Nebulized Gentamicin Helped non-CF Bronchiectasis Patients

Fidaxomicin cures C.diff infections like vancomycin; prevents more recurrences (RCT)

Inspiratory muscle training in COPD (Review)

Asthma, down on the farm

DVT/PE in the ICU: Prevention (more heparin) beats screening (ultrasound) in cost-effectiveness model