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Overdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism on CT-angiogram by radiologists may be widespread

Limited cancer screening seems appropriate after unprovoked PE

Dabigatran-induced bleeding: antidote (idarucizumab) on the way

Are central lines really needed for vasopressor infusions?

2015 ATS Guidelines on Treatment of IPF Released

And the winner of the Murray & Nadel books is ...

Win a copy of the new Murray & Nadel 6th Edition

Overview of oxygen delivery, uptake, and consumption (Video)

ICU Physiology in 1,000 Words: Veno-Arterial Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (VA-ECMO)

Recurrent PE risk after long-term warfarin therapy remains high (PADIS-PE)

Bridging anticoagulation for procedures after DVT/PE: usually, more harm than help?

Neuro Critical Care Overview (Video)

Medicare will pay for death panels, I mean end-of-life counseling

Direct thrombin inhibitors associated with heart attack risk in multiple trials

Families stall end of life talks, say doctors. True?

PulmCCM Journal Vol. 1, Issue 3 Now Available

SICU Basic Training (Video, Part 2 of 2)

FDA approves once-daily tiotropium with olodaterol (Stiolto)

Restricting calories by 50% during critical illness results in no harm

High flow oxygen by nasal cannula saved lives over noninvasive ventilation

The only VAP prevention method that saves lives is the one you’re not using

Is more than one patient per ICU nurse dangerous?

FDA warns against use of OTC homeopathic asthma treatments

Do long-acting beta agonists for asthma cause birth defects?

Antibiotics for community-acquired pneumonia: Is azithromycin out?

Surviving Sepsis Says EGDT Not Needed in All Patients with Septic Shock

Endovascular therapy helps in ischemic stroke, again (ESCAPE)

ProMISe Trial for Sepsis: Usual Care 3, Goal-Directed Therapy 0*

ICU Physiology in 1,000 Words: The Right Ventricular Afterload (Part 2 of 2)

How safe is thoracentesis? Giant case series sheds light

ICU Physiology in 1,000 Words: Right Ventricular Afterload (Part 1 of 2)

FDA warns: drinking on Chantix may have unexpected effects

Chlorhexidine baths in ICU don't prevent infections in large trial

E-cigarettes double smokers' quit rates vs placebo: meta-analysis

Lung-RADS launches: New system for lung cancer screening chest CTs

Who needs mediastinoscopy after negative EBUS staging for lung cancer?

Chantix works even if you're just thinking of quitting smoking

FDA approves ceftolozane/tazobactam (Zerbaxa); 4th new antibiotic in 2014

Medicare will pay for lung cancer screening chest CT -- now up to age 77

PulmCCM Journal Vol. 1, Issue 2 Now Available

ICU Physiology in 1,000 Words: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

PulmCCM launches new educational content section: your submissions welcome

Should video-guided intubation be standard training in critical care? (And should anesthesiologists teach it?)

Subglottic suctioning prevents ventilator-associated pneumonia

Nutrition in severe pancreatitis: none at all (for 3 days) worked fine

Cytisine for smoking cessation: as good as nicotine replacement -- and cheap

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