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ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Visualizing Heart-Lung Interaction

FDA Approves Angiotensin-II for Septic Shock

FDA approves low-dose rivaroxaban for long-term PE/DVT prevention

FDA: No excess risk of asthma death from LABA/ICS inhalers; warnings removed

Esmolol in Sepsis: Microcirculatory Savior or Autoregulation Annihilator?

Sedation interruptions were even more helpful in surgical patients

Real-world bleeding risks of new anticoagulants similar to warfarin (or lower)

Meropenem-vaborbactam (Vabomere), a new combination antibiotic + inhibitor, now available

FDA Approves First Nebulized LAMA for COPD

A Great Lecture on Applied Respiratory Physiology

Should patients watch videos of CPR before code status decisions?

Sepsis, Diastolic Dysfunction & Hypernatremia

Does anything improve cough from the common cold?

Critical Care Quiz 1

Oral steroids don't improve cough due to colds (but are prescribed anyway)

Should intensivists routinely perform bedside echos in suspected PE?

Pulmonary Quiz 1

DIPSHIS in the ICU: An emerging phenomenon?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Venous Excess & the Myth of Venous Return

FDA approves new phrenic nerve stimulator for central sleep apnea

Mepolizumab reduced exacerbations in COPD with eosinophilia, but missed target

Doctors aren't complying with the CMS sepsis quality measure

Home BiPAP reduced readmissions after COPD exacerbations

Empiric micafungin didn't save lives in ICU-acquired sepsis

Pain Control and Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Patients: Review

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Fighter Pilots!

Don't give Kayexalate within 3 hours of other drugs, says FDA

Age of transfused red cells had no effect on mortality (TRANSFUSE)

In sepsis, aggressive fluid resuscitation was harmful in randomized trial

State-of-the-ART Trial: Do Recruitment Maneuvers & Higher PEEP Raise Mortality?

Use sepsis bundles, or you're breaking the (New York) law

FDA approves first three-in-one inhaler for COPD

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Angiotensin II, a new vasopressor for septic shock, coming soon (probably)

Tiotropium helped in early COPD in randomized trial

An Illustrated Guide to the Phases of ARDS: Implications for management

Procalcitonin Testing in Suspected Infection: Review

Scleroderma-related Interstitial Lung Disease: Diagnosis and Management

In ARDS, substandard ventilator care is the norm, not the exception

Contrast induced nephropathy: what's the true risk?

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) Review

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: IVC Collapse, Revisited – Part 2

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: IVC Collapse, Revisited – Part 1

Intubation during CPR was associated with worse survival and brain health

FDA approves betrixapan for extended DVT/PE prophylaxis

Is hypothermia harmful after in-hospital cardiac arrest?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Mean Systemic Filling Pressure – Part 2

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Mean Systemic Filling Pressure – Part 1

Tight blood sugar control did not help critically ill kids

FDA approves Spiriva (tiotropium) for kids age 6+ with asthma

Sepsis drives far more readmissions than we realized

Heparin prophylaxis no help after knee arthroscopy or leg casting (POT-KAST, POT-CAST)

Video laryngoscopy was no better than directly intubating in the ICU, and may have been worse (MACMAN)

Fleischner Society Guideline Update 2017: Management of Solid Pulmonary Nodules

Can early warning systems predict (and prevent) cardiac arrest?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Weaning-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction & the Passive Leg Raise

Which position is safest for central line placement: subclavian, jugular, femoral? (3SITES)

600,000 albuterol (Ventolin) inhalers recalled

Response re: WSJ Story on EGDT and Sepsis

Free Online Hemodynamic Physiology Modules: an update & request

Meta-analysis confirms EGDT for sepsis is unhelpful and wasteful (PRISM)

Pre-hospital hypothermia hurt, not helped after cardiac arrest

USPSTF does not advise screening for obstructive sleep apnea

Could vitamin C save lives in sepsis? These hospitals aren't waiting for proof.

Fish oil in pregnancy prevented asthma in kids at age 5

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Heliox & Mechanical Power

One third of people with "asthma" may be overdiagnosed (and overtreated)

Should FDA mandate lower nicotine content in cigarettes?

New cryobiopsy for ILD could displace surgical lung biopsy

LABA safety studies for asthma saw no increased risk in Advair or Symbicort

Pulmonologist incomes down in 2016; self-employed make more

Therapeutic hypothermia? No benefit in cooling kids after in-hospital cardiac arrest (THAPCA)

Are ventilator-associated pneumonia rates plummeting, or unchanged?

The Normalization Fallacy: why much of "critical care" may be neither

Simple qSOFA score predicts sepsis as well as anything else

Oxygen saturation in critical illness: could low-normal be best?

A Primer on the Perils of Intravenous Fluids – Part 2

A Primer on the Perils of Intravenous Fluids – Part 1

Reslizumab (CINQAIR) worked as add-on treatment for severe asthma with eosinophilia

Early renal replacement therapy in critical illness did not improve outcomes (AKIKI)

CDC Releases Ventilator-Associated Events Criteria

Passive leg raise test: helpful maneuver, or ICU parlor trick?

Advanced Critical Care Simulation Conference: Feb 17-18 in Phoenix (Register)

2016 Surviving Sepsis Guidelines: A Review and Analysis

Azithromycin was no help in asthma exacerbations (AZALEA)

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Hidden Hemodynamics in Respiratory Mechanics

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