Sitemap - 2014 - PulmCCM

Ischemic stroke: Interventional treatment + alteplase = new standard of care? (MR CLEAN)

Age-adjusted D-dimer to rule out PE: coming of age?

Medicare bucks advisers, will pay for lung cancer screening

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: In Defense of the Central Venous Pressure

Life after sepsis protocols: What now? (You decide.)

Safe to stop inhaled steroids in COPD (and start more expensive drugs)?

FDA approves pirfenidone (Esbriet) and nintedanib (Ofev) for IPF

ICU Physiology in 1,000 Words: Stroke Volume Variation and the Concept of Dose-Response

Total parenteral nutrition vs enteral nutrition: no difference in critically ill? (CALORIES trial)

Transfusion for hemoglobin above 7 g/dL: no benefit in septic shock (TRISS Trial)

Are traditional protocols for goal directed therapy for sepsis dead? (ARISE trial)

PulmCCM Journal Publishes First Issue

All the best in PulmCCM (Roundup #6)

New 2014 Pulmonary Hypertension guidelines released

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Hemodynamics of Prone

Which cancer patients need prophylaxis for DVT and pulmonary embolism?

What are Ventilator-Associated Events (and why should you care)?

PulmCCM Roundup #5

Inspiratory collapse of the inferior vena cava: What is it telling us?

Prone positioning reduces ARDS mortality by 26%: meta-analysis

Using bronchoalveolar lavage to evaluate ILD

Azithromycin for COPD exacerbations: Clinical Update

CPAP better than oxygen for obstructive sleep apnea

PulmCCM Roundup #4

Tenecteplase for submassive PE: more conflicting evidence (TOPCOAT)

N-acetylcysteine: no benefit in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Nintedanib protects lung function, prevents exacerbations of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (INPULSIS)

Pirfenidone prolongs survival, preserves lung function in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (ASCEND)

Medicare bucks USPSTF, denies coverage for lung cancer screening

Red blood cell transfusions increase hospital-acquired infections (meta-analysis)

FDA approves implantable tongue-buzzer for obstructive sleep apnea treatment

N-acetylcysteine for COPD: another trial shows benefit (PANTHEON)

Diaphragmatic ultrasound could predict extubation success

Thrombolytics (tPA) improve intermediate risk PE outcomes, with a few head bleeds (PEITHO Trial)

Steroids did not improve outcomes in severe COPD exacerbations (RCT)

Albumin for severe sepsis and septic shock: More confusing findings (ALBIOS Trial)

PulmCCM Roundup #3

Catheter directed thrombolysis for submassive PE: better than heparin? (RCT)

PulmCCM Roundup, Issue #2

FDA warns against doripenem (Doribax) for ventilator-associated pneumonia

No benefit from higher mean arterial pressure in most with septic shock

CCUS Annual Symposium 2014 – only a few spots left to take your ultrasound game to a whole new level!

Early goal directed therapy does not improve outcomes in septic shock (ProCESS)

Beta blockers safe for most patients with asthma or COPD?

Massive Transfusion, Bleeding and Coagulation Disorders in the ICU (Review)

Community Acquired Pneumonia (Review)

Resuscitation Fluids in Critical Illness (Review)

Bloggers correct the New England Journal on ICU decontamination article

Critical Care Roundup: Issue #1

Epitaph for nitric oxide for ARDS

Sublobar resections as good as lobectomy for stage IA GGO lung cancer?

PulmCCM Journal Launches: Your Submissions Welcome

Delirium in the ICU (Review)

Tight glycemic control in critically ill kids: benefits, risks still unclear

Vitamin D: no relationship to COPD exacerbations

Sedation and Analgesia in the Critically Ill (Review)

Can pulmonologists do their own on-site cytopathology during bronchoscopy?

Spiriva and heart attack risk: new safety kerfuffle

CCUS 2014: 7th Annual Critical Care Ultrasound Symposium

Choosing Wisely's five top "no-no's" in critical care

US Gov't pronounces lung cancer screening the standard of care

Antibiotics don't improve cough in acute bronchitis

Macitentan for IPF falls short in MUSIC trial

Implantable tongue-buzzer improves obstructive sleep apnea by 70%

Cognitive impairment after critical illness as bad as Alzheimer's

Hypothermia might harm, not help, in bacterial meningitis

Brain death equals death: says who?

Acute Liver Failure: Causes & Initial Management (Part 1 of 2)

Acute Liver Failure: Treatment (Part 2 of 2)