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The PHARLAP Trial: Recruitment Maneuvers Buy Stairway to Heaven?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Asthmatic Mechanics

Adjusting D-dimer cutoffs could safely eliminate many CT angiograms to rule out PE

Patients who say they're allergic to penicillin are usually wrong

Inhaled steroids may not work for half of asthma patients

New tissue test for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis changes the diagnostic game

Navigational bronchoscopy real-world diagnostic yields reported

Intubating robots are coming for your job (someday)

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Pulmonary Embolism & Right Ventricular Ischemia

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Pulmonary Embolism & Pulmonary Vascular Resistance

Vitamin E acetate in THC liquid is major cause of vaping lung injury, says CDC

Beta-blockers doubled risk of hospitalization from COPD exacerbations (BLOCK-COPD)

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Pulmonary Embolism & Syncope

New guidelines on obesity hypoventilation syndrome released

Can C-reactive protein improve treatment for COPD exacerbations?

In sepsis, antibiotics reduced yield of blood cultures by almost 40%

Vitamin C reduces mortality from sepsis with ARDS in CITRIS-ALI randomized trial ... ?

Vaping-Associated Lung Injury – Part 2

Vaping-Associated Lung Injury – Part 1

2019 IDSA Guidelines for Community Acquired Pneumonia in Adults: To HCAP, we just say fare thee well

Prolonged hypothermia improved neurologic outcomes after non-shockable cardiac arrests (HYPERION, CRICS-TRIGGERSEP)

Major asthma guideline update: ICS-LABA as-needed replaces albuterol

Prophylactic IVC filters prevent PE in high-risk trauma patients, but were often unnecessary

Advisory from CDC re: Severe Pulmonary Disease Associated with Using E-Cigarette Products

Are you ethical enough to watch this video?

New Definition for Pulmonary Hypertension in Left Heart Disease: Haunted by how we measure the wedge?

APRV and Esophageal Manometry: a new way to titrate T-Low?

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Venous Doppler & Veno-Cardiac Coupling – Part 2

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Venous Doppler & Veno-Cardiac Coupling – Part 1

Intravenous Fluids Act as Inotropes in Recent Sepsis Study

Dexmedetomidine helpful but inadequate alone for sedation (SPICE III)

Applied Respiratory Physiology for the Ventilator: A Workshop from the Hospitalist & Resuscitationist Conference

Neuromuscular blockade for ARDS was no help, in supine patients

Pitfalls when using Doppler Ultrasound to Measure Peripheral Flow: A Lecture from the Hospitalist & Resuscitationist Conference

Integrating the Evidence and Physiology of IVC Collapse: A Lecture from the Hospitalist & Resuscitationist Conference in Montreal

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Respiratory System Pressure-Volume Curve

Open the Lung with Esophageal Manometry to Avoid VV-ECMO?

More than 90% of sepsis deaths are unpreventable, study concludes

Titrating PEEP using esophageal pressures did not improve ARDS outcomes (EPVent-2)

Overnight in-house intensivists don't clearly improve care: Review

Bag-mask ventilation during intubation in ICU prevents severe hypoxemia

Early norepinephrine improved septic shock, prevented pulmonary edema

Andexanet works as antidote to apixaban, rivaroxaban, data show

Intensive glucose management again fails to help -- this time, in stroke

Impella RP survival only 17% so far (not 73%), says FDA

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Driving Power & Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: The Mechanical Power & Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury

Proton pump inhibitors did not improve outcomes in ICUs (SUP-ICU trial)

Time to start using newer oral anticoagulants for DVT-PE in cancer patients?

New antibiotic Omadacycline is effective for community-acquired pneumonia

Register for The Hospitalist and the Resuscitationist (Montreal, May 23-24)

ICU stethoscopes are covered in bacteria, and you're cleaning yours wrong

How should we relate to "unreasonable" families in the ICU?

Antibiotics excessively prescribed for asthma exacerbations; may prolong hospital stays

Advair Goes Generic! FDA authorizes Wixela Inhub

Should We Stop Trending Lactate in Septic Shock? ANDROMEDA-SHOCK Published

Theophylline as add-on therapy was no use in preventing COPD exacerbations

Echocardiography Does Not Correlate with Volume Status says CoDE-MiN Study

FDA approves new anti-influenza drug Xofluza; worked better than oseltamivir

FDA warns of aortic dissection with fluoroquinolones

Cricoid pressure no help during endotracheal intubation in large trial

Former Vanderbilt nurse arrested, charged with homicide for medication error

Decontaminating patients did not reduce bloodstream infections

Primatene Mist for asthma goes back on the market

ICU Physiology in 1000 Words: Blood Pressure

FDA approves revefenacin (Yupelri) for COPD

For most critically ill patients, a 'starvation diet' seems just fine (TARGET trial)

Is Critical Care Medicine becoming a Cargo Cult of Vitamin C?

Atrial Fibrillation for the Intensivist – part 2

Atrial Fibrillation for the Intensivist – part 1

Vitamin D supplementation reduced COPD exacerbations in deficient patients: meta-analysis

Hospitals should not implement one-hour sepsis bundles, say SCCM and ACEP

Keep O2 saturations at 96% or below for hospitalized patients: expert panel

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