Sitemap - 2012 - PulmCCM

In ARDS, women and short people get higher, potentially deadly tidal volumes

Bad news for IP guys? Incidental mediastinal lymphadenopathy may not need routine biopsy

Meet the New ARDS: Expert panel announces new definition, severity classes

Azithromycin associated with cardiovascular death

Xigris' epitaph: "I Never Worked a Day in My Life" (PROWESS-SHOCK)

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) gets FDA indication for DVT and PE; no heparin bridging needed

Oral rivaroxaban (Xarelto) noninferior to warfarin for PE (RCT)

An aspirin a day keeps recurrent DVT and PE away (RCT)

ACCP, ATS only weakly recommend lung cancer CT screening, warn of harms

American Lung Association recommends CT screening for lung cancer

Surviving Sepsis Guidelines Updated: Preview from SCCM Meeting

New IPF staging and prognosis model announced

Pleural catheters equal to pleurodesis for dyspnea relief from malignant effusions (TIME2)

Go back to bed; overnight intensivists don't reduce mortality

Hydroxyethyl starches kill people with severe sepsis; use crystalloid instead (RCT)

Let's be honest: quitting smoking usually does make you fatter

Blood banks recommend restrictive transfusions in ward patients

Nicotine patches don't help in pregnancy, esp. if you don't wear them (RCT)

Trophic feeding equal to full enteric feeding in acute lung injury (EDEN trial)

Lansoprazole didn't help kids with uncontrolled asthma (RCT)

Moderate pot smokers' lung function better than nonsmokers

Bioengineered tracheas successfully transplanted in two men

CPAP cures metabolic syndrome in obstructive sleep apnea (Retracted)

FDA approves ivacaftor (Kalydeco), new cystic fibrosis drug (Guess what it costs?)

Enoxaparin prophylaxis: no effect on mortality or fatal pulmonary embolism (RCT)

Tiotropium as add-on "triple therapy" for COPD associated with better outcomes

Long-acting beta agonist safety for asthma (Review)

Predicting survival from COPD exacerbations: DECAF score shows promise

Linezolid (Zyvox) good for MDR, XDR tuberculosis (RCT)

Normal saline: toxic to kidneys? Chloride solutions may cause renal failure

Intensive glucose control in kids: no brain injury vs. standard care 3 yrs later (RCT)

New pleural mesothelioma biomarker can speed diagnosis

Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT): Initial Diagnosis and Treatment (Review)

New lung tissue growth can occur in adults, defying previous belief

Do people with pulmonary hypertension need in-flight oxygen?

Last-Minute Pulmonary and Critical Care Board Review!

Lung volume reduction coils improve dyspnea, FEV1 in COPD (RCT)

Hospital-acquired infections: stopping Gov't payment did not reduce their incidence

Vitamin D is for "doesn't do diddly" for the common cold (RCT)

"Practice ischemia" on an arm reduces contrast nephropathy after procedures (RCT)

Chronic cough isn't all in your head -- only part of it is

Post-pyloric feeding no better than usual NG tube in vented patients (RCT)

Treatment of Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) of the Arm (Review/Guideline)

How to take care of older people with COPD (Review)

Gabapentin improved chronic cough in randomized trial

Initial Treatment of Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) of the Leg (Guidelines)

Anemia in the ICU (Review)

Ultrasound Case 2: Discussion

Hyperosmolar Therapy for Increased Intracranial Pressure (Review)

Definition of Severe Sepsis (from the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines)

From the Surviving Sepsis Guidelines: Criteria for diagnosis of sepsis

Singulair (montelukast) goes generic (FDA)

Advanced bronchoscopy yields are 70% in meta-analysis (Review)

Assess the IVC for fluid responsiveness with ultrasound (EMCrit Video)

Intubation & Airway Management Review (LITFL)

CPAP gives the heart a tune-up for 1 year or 30 million beats, whichever comes first

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment (Update/Review)

How many times has giving empiric antibiotics saved your professional behind?

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 2014 Update (Review)

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency in COPD and Asthma: Review

Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Update (Review)

Black lung resurges in Appalachian coal country; mining co's not penalized (Ctr for Public Integrity)

Should pleurodesis or PleurX drain be 1st-line Rx for malignant pleural effusion?

Managing opioid overdose in the ICU (Review)

Superior Vena Cava Syndrome Review

Talking to COPD patients about end-of-life makes them like you more?

New molecular test predicts lung cancer survival better than staging

Sharpen your eye with these free online radiology tutorials

Meropenem + moxifloxacin: no improvement over meropenem alone in severe sepsis (RCT)

Cancer-Related Medical Emergencies: Tumor Lysis Syndrome

GM-CSF (Leukine) for acute lung injury & ARDS (RCT)

NSCLC: Anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy breaks ground, buys time for some

Blood pressure cuffs vs arterial lines for hypotensive patients

Dynamic extrathoracic airway obstruction

Ventilator bundles (VAP bundles) not evidence-based, shouldn't be standard care

Could excess ICU beds be hazardous to your health?

Pertussis underdiagnosed; adult booster-vaccine prevents "whoop" & infant deaths

Acupuncture improved COPD in a "real" randomized trial

Palliative care exploding in U.S. hospitals (AP)

Smoking is bad, quitting is good -- even for Great-Grandma

Sleep Medicine Update: June 2012 (Review)

Most clinical trials are too small, often underpowered

No increased risk detected from smoking cessation just before surgery

Pair of lungs found on L.A. sidewalk

Prevention and Treatment of DVT/PE in Pregnant Women (Guideline)

Drowning (Review)

COPD self-care program fail; unexplained deaths at VA hospitals (RCT)

Inhaled hypertonic saline for young kids with cystic fibrosis: no benefit? (RCT)

Bronchodilator reversibility testing in COPD: Bill for it, but don't believe it

Fever reduction improves early mortality in septic shock? Take a closer look

U.S. Gov't purse strings may be tightening on GME programs

For some LTAC patients, pessimism is the new kindness

Diagnosis of Lower-Extremity DVT (Guideline)

Where's the respect (and $$) for critical care research?

Tattletales rain on private cardiologists' cash-grabbing parade

Chantix: no excess cardiovascular risk in new meta-analysis

Mechanical Ventilation in ARDS: Research Update

Acetaminophen causes childhood asthma, researcher argues

How to bill for palliative care in the ICU ... legally

Are those your cooties? MDR-bug transmission rates in ICUs

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease update (COPD Review)

Fellows: This is your brain on protocols

Epinephrine in field no help after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

Cost shifting of asthma meds to patients had little effect on adherence, outcomes

Inferior vena cava filters for acute PE and DVT

Watch out for staph coinfections in severe influenza pneumonia (MMWR)

How to make $25,000 on each EBUS

Thrombolytics for acute pulmonary embolism (Guidelines)

Should you check pleural manometry during thoracentesis?

Pneumothorax in the ICU

Texting resident fails to stop warfarin; hemopericardium ensues

Most oncologists dump end-of-life talks on other MDs (Ann Intern Med)

NYT runs press release for new OSA treatment Provent. Does it work?

NYU's Clinical Correlations: a great internal medicine review

Vitamin D supplements don't prevent COPD exacerbations in RCT

Release the data on Relenza and Tamiflu, Cochrane implores Pharma (NYT)

Lack of ICU beds has no effect on mortality ... in Canada?

Treating acute pulmonary embolism with anticoagulant therapy (Guideline)

Dutch lung cancer prevention trial shows no benefit of CT screening

Doctors easily fooled by bright, shiny statistics

Joint Commission launches new smoking cessation performance measures

AMA helps "data miners" make billions off your personal info. Want to opt out?

Westermark sign in pulmonary embolism (Image, NEJM)

Voice of sanity: Reduce medical training by at least 2 years (JAMA)

Refractory asthma: Bronchoscopy may guide effective therapy (CHEST)

No difference in outcomes with early vs late TPN in observational trial (Crit Care Med)

Barium swallow fail kills patient (Image, NEJM)

Is half of current medical practice just plain wrong? (Essay, JAMA)

Insurers sound off to NPR against moneymaking sleep centers

How to manage anticoagulation perioperatively (Guideline)

Diaphragmatic dysfunction and respiratory illness (Review)

Most primary care MDs order lung cancer screening on asymptomatic smokers

Preventing DVT and PE in hospitalized medical patients (Guideline, ACCP Recs)

Rituximab improved pulmonary alveolar proteinosis in pilot study (Eur Resp J)

Obstructive sleep apnea increases risk for postop complications (CHEST)

Deep sulcus sign in pneumothorax (Image, NEJM)

How to start & manage warfarin/coumadin for acute DVT/PE (Guideline)

I.V. beta-agonists for ARDS harmed people; BALTI-2 stopped early (RCT, Lancet)

Walk to wean: Early mobilization for ventilated patients (Review, CHEST)

Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of DVT/PE/VTE (Review)

"First dibs" on patients by sleep docs increased CPAP adherence (CHEST)

Semuloparin (a new LMWH) reduced DVT & PE in chemotherapy patients (RCT, NEJM)

Physician identity theft on the rise; who knows your Medicare number? (JAMA)

CHEST retracts "Chest Tubes for Transudative Effusions" for "incorrect data"

Occupational organic dusts assoc w. increased lung cancer risk (Thorax)

For most, plane flights add no DVT/PE risk (just stretch your legs)

GSK's new once-daily inhaled fluticasone product worked in Phase 2 trial (RCT, Thorax)

Restrictive blood transfusion was fine for high-CV-risk patients after hip fracture repair (RCT, NEJM)

Amoxicillin speeds resolution of acute sinus infections, but imperceptibly? (RCT, JAMA)

You think you've got it rough? German docs make $60K, strike (Lancet)

Virtual bronchoscopy diagnosed 80% of peripheral lung nodules (RCT, Thorax)

PANTHER-IPF stopped early; prednisone + azathioprine don't work for IPF (Thorax)

Tobacco warnings, free speech, and "in-activist" judges (NEJM)

Lancet called; they want to make you famous

Pneumopericardium Associated with a Peptic Ulcer (Image, NEJM)

In COPD, coexisting CHF is common, underrecognized (and lethal?) (Eur Resp J)

Where's the money in health reform - and WTH is an ACO anyway? (KevinMD)

Cochrane to Pharma: stop hiding data on Relenza and Tamiflu

Allergic rhinitis update (Review/Guideline, Lancet)

Regular nagging + nicotine better than benign neglect for smoking cessation (RCT, Arch Intern Med)

PE incidence after knee surgery: 0.27% with prophylaxis (Meta-analysis, JAMA)

Systemic steroids for severe sepsis and septic shock (Review)

Pulmonary cement embolism caused by vertebroplasty (Image, NEJM)

Lay press eats helping of hype on sleep apnea & "silent strokes"

Makin' a list, checkin' it twice, to see how much $$ docs take from pharma (NYT)

Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy with tripe palms (Image, NEJM)

Apixaban for thromboprophylaxis post-discharge causes bleeding (ADOPT Trial, NEJM)

Bad Bugs: They don't call it C. "difficile" for nothing (Review, CHEST)

Severe sepsis is immune-suppressing, organ harvest reveals (JAMA)

Omitting heparin prophylaxis in first 24 ICU hours associated with higher mortality (CHEST)

Proposed cut-off for harmless parapneumonic effusion: 2.5 cm on CT (Eur Resp J)

Cough leads to lung herniation through chest wall (Image, NEJM)

New risk calculator for postoperative respiratory failure (CHEST)

Corticosteroids do indeed work for severe COPD exacerbations (RCT, Arch Intern Med)

How to cure abdominal compartment syndrome without surgery (CHEST)

13 doses rifapentine + isoniazid as good as 9 months INH for latent TB (RCT, NEJM)

Early tracheostomy doesn't improve outcomes ... much (Meta-analysis, CHEST)

Elderly critically ill who survive ICU rationing live well (CHEST)

Don't text-and-doctor, authorities warn (NYT)

Sleepy cops abound; you won't like them when they're angry (JAMA, NYT)

In people with coronary artery disease, is fat a friend or foe? (RCT, CHEST)

Neti pots kill 2 after transmitting brain-eating amoeba

Big bucks riding on FDA's little dosing decision for indacaterol (NEJM)

FDA approves Aclidinium (Tudorza Pressair), a b.i.d. "me-too" to Spiriva for COPD

ACP advises against universal DVT/PE prophylaxis! "Quality" quagmire thickens (Guideline/Review, Ann Intern Med)

Xigris X'd! PROWESS-SHOCK negative; activated protein C yanked from global market

Interpreting high troponin: It's not just for cardiologists anymore (Review)

Eh? What'd you say? Daily azithromycin reduces COPD exacerbations, may cause hearing loss (RCT, NEJM)

Cytisine, a cheap seed extract, helped smokers quit (RCT, NEJM)

Beware the Ides of July: Interns don't kill people, changeover does (Review, Ann Intern Med)

Follow-up chest X-rays after pneumonia? Only for 50-and-up crowd, say Canadians (Arch Int Med)

Omega-3 fatty acids for acute lung injury/ARDS are useless-to-harmful (OMEGA RCT, JAMA)

Air travel for patients with lung disease: Recommendations (Thorax BTS Guideline, Review)

FDA: Chantix not associated with psychiatric hospitalizations

Rate of early lactate clearance predicts survival in ICU (Critical Care)

Chest X-ray useless for lung cancer screening? (PLCO Trial, JAMA)

Chantix users reported thousands of suicidal thoughts and self-harm (Review, PLoS One)

New atrial fibrillation causes stroke, death in people with severe sepsis? (JAMA)

ECMO for severe ARDS (Review, NEJM)

Thoracic ultrasonography: benefits abound; resistance is futile (Review, CHEST)

Most people admitted to U.S. ICUs are not that sick (Review, CHEST)